100FOR10 special
T-shirt edition

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YAY! We just released a new T-shirt edition with thokkthokkmarket.com and 21 awesome motifs from selected
100for10 artists like Rob Lowe, Myla Dalbesio, MRKA, monoperro, Bureau Borsche, Martin Fengel, Lukas Schönthal,
Louis-César Leroux, Leo Namislow, Joni Majer,Jen Uman, Jean Valencia, Gui Martinez, Grady Gordon,
Genevieve Gaukler,Frank Höhne, Florian Brugger, Esther Czaya, Annemarie Faupel, Adam Hayes, David Leitner.

You can get the special t-shirt edition here.

ThokkThokk has all important certifications for organic and Fairtrade apparel. Therefore you can be sure
that your clothes are produced environment friendly and all workers are paid fairly with good working conditions.