Unite with 100for10

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We always understood 100for10 also as a collective of various artists, from various countries, various creative disciplines and styles. Now we are taught how important solidarity is worldwide. We want to share a collective project with you:

1. Animation specialists and graphic artists are invited to animate one of our artists´artworks.

2. We will present and credit your work on our instagram channel, linking to the animating artist and to the 100for10 artist, hoping that this gallery will grow quickly and create lots of traffic to the participating artists.

3. Once this crisis and isolation is over, we will exhibit the results in a local vernissage and a digital compilation and celebrate!

If you want to be part of this project drop us a line at collaboration@100for10.com and name your instagram profile.
We will send you a random artwork of our artist portfolio you can work with.

These are the specifications:
Size: 1080 x 1920 px (vertical)
Framerate: 30fps
Maximum length: 15 sec
Color: Black & White (RGB)
Please deliver mp4 (H264) maximum quality via download link
The original artwork should be recognizable at one moment in your clip.

We are all excited about what will happen with the artworks.
Stay healthy – the team at 100for10