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Interview with artist Kid Richards

My name is KID, I’m 28 and I’m based in Lisbon, Portugal.

My name is KID, I’m 28 and I’m based in Lisbon, Portugal. I’m a Rock’n’roll musician, and studied Architecture for 4 years. Around 3 years ago, I became a photographer. Since that, I mainly shoot with film – 35mm, medium format, polaroid and instant film, and others. Photography is one of the most amazing and beautiful ways to express yourself, as diary or editorial. I really like to be able to tell some story with a photo, or to create some emotions with it. With photography, we are able to keep a moment forever.

What is typical about your work?
Well, I always love the aesthetics and feeling of the film photography.
I think you will always find that on my work.


What makes a good photography?
I think it depends. For me, a good photography should be one that transmits something to me or to someone. It has to have some kind of “soul”, not just a beautiful picture.
It has to be something else.



Was there a point in your life when you decided you had to take a big risk to move forward?
I think If we want more about what we are doing, we are always making decisions that could be a risk, but that could make us move forward. I think I already had some of those situations. You never know what will happen, but you have to take the risk.


Have you ever had legal trouble?
No, never.


Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?
I have some. About photography, I think Avedon had and still has a lot of influence on me. I love some of the classics as Helmut, Dermarchelier, Di Corcia, Irving Penn, Sante D’orazio, and a lot more. They all have a huge influence in my work, as references and inspirations to be better and always look for something more.


How do you think online design resources (blogs, tutorials, forums etc.) have influenced the graphic design being produced today?
We live in an age where we all have access to everything we want. If we want to, we can be informed about everything and be much more aware about arts in general. With the internet comes all that information. All those online design resources helped us to have much more taste about the graphic design being produced today. I think some time ago, there were some kinds of arts that were made just for an elite, and now, we all have the chance to have it and appreciate it.


Did you learn anything new about yourself?
Well, Yeah, I think so. I’ve learned that I can take some pictures that I like! Three years ago, if you asked me if I would be a photographer, probably my answer would have been “no”. So, that’s a thing i’ve learned: Photography in a passion for me.


Are you satisfied creatively?


What’s the best piece of advice you have heard and repeat to others?
Always look for more. Always try to be the best, always improve yourself and what you do. Think about yourself first. The rest will come.

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