100FOR10 goes Scribblittis at Lovelace

New game, new luck! Following a series of events, 100FOR10 entered the next round. We have a huge number of people to thank so let’s tell you about the event and everyone who made it happen.


Our Host: As a registered historical monument, the LOVELACE building was originally built at the end of the 19th century as the Royal Branch Bank. What could be better? Enormous ceiling heights and giant pillars admiids cozy chill out areas and a bar, we were ready to run the show.


Our specials: Besides the great atmosphere, a rooftop and Music playing all through the night, we had a bunch of other things to offer. A limited poster series, exclusive visuals and our very special guest Hu-Be coming directly from Switzerland, to do his live performance, also known as „scribblitti”. By drawing on a glass panel admids curious hotel guests and long-established art lovers, we were ready to get the party started!


We would like to thank our host The LOVELACE pop up hotel (www.thelovelace.com) for having us and our great scribblittis artist Hu-Be for making this event a very special one! Check him out at www.scribblitti.com


See you at our next event!

  • Scribblittis

    Edition No. 079


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