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Interview with artist Gabriela Neeb

Gabriela Neeb studied  at the Academy of Photography in Munich. Her main fields of interest are people and stories, so she specialized in portrait, reportage and theater photography. In her freelance work she is occupied with on-going projects. A recurring theme is the visual approach to music subculture and surrealistic moods.

What is the story behind your 100for10 book RIVIERA PARK?
It is a summary of my favorite projects from the last years. It could be read like a poem about female strength and vulnerability.


When did you decide to become a photographer?
After i did not pass my high school exam, i had one more year to think it over. Then i could encourage myself to become a photographer. Unfortunately i found a bad place for an apprenticeship. But that fail brought me to apply to the studies of photography, which finally felt right.


Did you have moments in your childhood that influenced you in your creativity?
Freedom and nature had a big impact on me. I was a wild child.


What was the most exiting moment of your job until now?
There is not one big moment but many little excitements. I like the overcoming moment to meet strangers and work with them. It always costs me quite a bit, as i normally need some time to come closer.

Is there anything you don’t like about your job?

No, not really. Most of all i like to be my own boss :)


What kind of message do you want to deliver trough your pictures?
I want to empower the weak.


What does a normal working day look like?
Normally I am in my office, editing fotos, planing a new job, meeting clients or i am out doing pictures.


Who inspires you and your work?
My friends, many are artists and musicians, nature, my inner loneliness.


What do you really want to do this year? Do you have any goals?
I want to apply for an artist residency.  Eventually I can travel to Israel with a theater group.
That would be very exiting!


Making Of Photos © Weronika Demuschewski

  • Riviera Park

    Gabriela Neeb
    Edition No. 102


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