1000BY100 OUT NOW

Print is dead–is never dead. To publish a book is a bad idea –
is a very good idea. To mark the centenary of the 100th edition, the team behind
100for10 at Melville Brand Design has come up with a
special special: A 1000-page compendium filled with works
and interviews of all 100 artists.


A very limited amount is available in our shop.


Here it is. The book contains 1040 pages, showing artwork of each 100for10 artist and interviews
of curated artists. Every cover is individual, representing one selected work of every artist once.
The project was designed and supervised by Ines Jung after her internship at Melville Brand Design,
as her diploma thesis.


Art, illustration, graphics, photography and fashion are published in this +1000-page book. Some works are cheeky,
amusing or positively provocative whereas others are more critical or highly conceptual.
In addition to the 1000 best artworks, the book contains the story behind 100FOR10, interviews with 10
of our artists and an index with background informations about each of them.

From the Big Bang to the Garden of Eden, through the Middle Ages to modern times. From the heights and
abysses of humanity, from the bliss of life to the rudeness of men, from hopelessness to longing for mercy.


1040 pages

1000 Illustrations and photographs

100 artists
Colours: black&White

Format: 210 x 297

Paper: 70-90 gqm
Printed on:  Océ Varioprint Titan
Cover: 100 different covers (digital print), laminated on cardboard

Binding: adhesive bond

Copies: 300

  • 1000BY100

    100 artists
    Limited Edition