Leo Namislow


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Pages: 106 pages
Language: English
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Leo Namislow


Leo-Leander Namislow, born in 1983 in Essen, lives and works as a freelance
artist in Essen. Growing up in a rural environment in Rhineland-Palatinate,
he started to creatively engage with his surroundings early on. After his training
as a stonemason, Leo worked for an animation company in Frankfurt.
When he moved back to Essen in 2007 he eventually started living off his creative
output. Since then he has had several solo exhibitions and took part in
many group shows in a variety of institutions such as the Kunstverein Essen-Werden.
His works fascinate by opening up new fantastic worlds to the viewer on
the one hand and by proving of a large multiplicity of techniques on the other hand.
This book gives an insight into a sample, mainly comprised of black and
white works, of a much larger, colourful and ever increasing artistic universe.


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