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Interview with 100FOR10 artist Craigio Hopson

Craigio Hopson graduated from Kingston Upon Thames University in 1994 with a BA Hons degree in illustration and design.

Craigio Hopson graduated from Kingston Upon Thames University in 1994 with a BA Hons degree in illustration and design. He remained in London for almost a decade working freelance for a wide range of newspapers, magazines, book publishers, design groups and advertising agencies.


In 2003 he decided to spread his creative wings & fly further afield, living and working in both Spain and Japan, before finally making a cosy nest in the tropics of Thailand with his lovely family.


His upcoming 100for10 book will be called “Stoned bunnyman frozen in the headlights of his own mind.” Craig shows us a little preview of his artwork for 100for10 and describes his own way of becoming an designer.


Were you the funny one growing up?

I was definitely a bit of a joker yes, but not sure if I was in fact ever ´funny´?
I tried to get the cute girls to laugh so that the´d take a shine to me. Mostly failed, but not always!


What did you learn from your dad/mom?

How to be true to yourself and always search for a job that makes you happy rather than wealthy. Life is way too short.



What is the most exciting part in the process of your work?

Definitely the thought process. My brain has been an imaginative live wire since my childhood.
I love coming up with an image or design etc that cries out to me to get in down on any surface,
in any medium immediately. That´s a buzz yeh!


Which materials you like to work with most?

I´ve found a perfect balance of painting, drawing & digital art these days.
I tend to get lost in painting or drawing for a few days or so, then have a break
and sit on the comp creating digital illustrations and designs.



What is your background? What made you become a designer / illustrator?

I first got the passion for art, or drawing in particular at school. A teacher praised my doodles
in the back of my text books. She gave me a big beaming smile and said, „these are wonderful.“


Is there anything you regret not doing?

No regrets matey! I´m all about the here & now.



What’s your personal motto?

`Life is beautiful. Don´t waste it`


When do you get nervous?

Public speaking I suppose, I´ve always been a shy boy deep down inside.
Also watching my hometown football team Man United play. All over the show they are these days? I blame them on my hair falling out over the years.



What’s the meaning of life to you?

I didn´t have a clue to that question until 6 years ago when my wife and I had our first child. I look at my son Jasper and how much joy & love he brings to my life. That right there is the meaning of life.

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