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Guillaume Kashima

Interview with Guillaume Kashima

Guillaume Kashima is a french illustrator living in Berlin. He started his career as a graphic designer in advertising – later moved on to illustration. From this experience, he kept a direct and minimal approach of images as the main carrier of communication. His work today embraces different fields and mediums, such as prints, apps or objects in general. Guillaume‘s work is very versatile in terms of visual aesthetics, but his process always originates from boldness and humour.

Where and when did you start your journey to become an illustrator, how did it all start?


I always drew as a kid and did design school … but if the journey starts with the first commission, then it would be flyers for drum&bass parties in Toulouse in the late 90’s. I also worked a lot for a french gay magazine called Tétu. Magazines are good because you have to be fast and smart.


Your artwork has a very distinctive and unique style. What’s your creation process and where do you draw inspiration from?


Thanks for saying that because until recently I was still feeling insecure, comparing myself to others a lot, feeling miserable. I think I found a voice now that I dig inside and not outside. As for inspiration, it’s not about images but process. Watching interview of creatives — be it fashion / architecture / cinema — understand their motivation, is what fascinates me.


A variety of different techniques are being used to render your work, e.g. pencil drawings, digital illustrations and even clay. What other methods are you planning to utilize in the future?


Before clay, I tried Cinema 4D. I’m obsessed with its possibilities … but I don’t want to spend more time in front of my laptop anymore, it makes me dumb.


What are you currently working on – any upcoming projects?


I’m still working with clay. It’s gonna be a long, painful, wonderful journey … but I’m bringing the confidence / creativity / audacity of my illustrator self in it, so it doesn’t feel intimidating. I got another project too called « Friday ». Every Friday, I ask people to send me nudes, to draw. It started because drawing classes were closed. Also with the need to connect with people that we lost due to the pandemic. Now I get to practice every week, lots, and get to know people all around. Some became muses.

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    Guillaume Kashima
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