Interview with Sebastian Frey

Sebastian was born in 1975 near Stuttgart, Germany. He studied pedagogy and now supports social and care workers. It's a bit of a cliche but true: his grandfather gave him his first camera at the age of 12 or so, and since then photography has become much more than just a pastime – it's a love and a passion, a way to express his feelings. Sebastian specializes in street, landscape and portrait photography. He is located in Schorndorf, a small town in the south of Germany.

What was your inspiration for creating this project?

I was looking around what happens on earth right now, e.g. the climate changes that are going on – and the consequences for all creatures on earth. i then tried to draw photographic images of the surroundings in a way i imagine life could look and feel like if these collateral damages of human life are not stopped.



What equipment did you use to capture the footage?

Not very much: One digital camera, one film camera and my feelings while walking around the post habitats. i was travelling around europe and captured post habitats in 5 countries.


Tell us about the text fragments in the book and why you choose them?

The texts are lyrics and were mostly taken from an intro of a record called “shout at the devil”. The band’s name is motley crue. they made this intro and the whole record sound very dark and sinister and it completely fits my feelings and thoughts of the post habitats-project.



How are you getting by with your work in these difficult times?

As I am not a professionell photographer, my work is not that much affected by covid 19. i am still able to take my camera and go outside. sometimes i think about making “post habitats part II” with these very unique vibes out there while the lockdown and the special atmosphere in the streets with all the people wearing masks.

  • Post Habitats

    Sebastian Frey
    Edition No. 116


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