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101 Magical Mouvements


Edition Nr.: 052
Pages: 106 pages
Language: English
Format: 8.27 x 5.83 inch / 14,8 x 21 cm
Features: Black & white, Paperback, Glossy Cover
Publisher: Melville Brand Design


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101 Magical Mouvements


Monoperro can be considered a self-taught artist, given his almost non-academic experience. At age 33 he suffers a major crisis that transforms all the important aspects of his life. From that moment on, a personal journey begins which takes him to explore into various fields such as shamanism, alchemy, tarot, reiki, etc… (always from an unorthodox position). Since a few years back all his production is being guided by a Spiritual Entity. As a result of this, his first book “Great End” ( was published in Spain in Autumn 2015 and today he also offers a monthly workshop “Unleashing your inner creativity” in his studio, and one-to-one skype sessions. Urban Animism is the term monoperro uses to encompass all his artistic and vital experience.