Exhibtion: This is really happening

On Saturday October 14th, 2017 THE LOVELACE is the place to be!


A large unused space in the middle of Munich turned into a hotel and public space for a limited time. 4.800 square-meters full of exciting ideas dealing with pop, politics, art, commerce and communities — we can’t wait!


100for10 will present all of it‘s 78 books, of which each issue contains 100 black and white pages full of illustrations, photographs, graphics and art from artists all over the world. Furthermore a special edition of posters from selected 100for10-artists will be part of the exhibition.


And this is not enough! Our amazing and special guest Hu-Be from Italy will draw a Scribblitti inside the Lovelace Hotel. As a young and persistent lover of the act of home-wall scribbling, Hu-Be coined the word Scribblitti to capture that long lost free state of mind. Join the emotional and tense act of live-scribbling.


Get to know more about Scribblitti

Scribblitti is the temporary platform of an art show and performance. The Scribblitti do not find themselves in a single physical space such as a gallery, but are hosted by residents and citizens in their private and public spaces, creating a cluster of portraits in a city. Hu-Be meets the candidates for the first time at an early breakfast in their house. He interviews them about their lives and memories while taking meticulous notes. The dialogue is ignited by coffee while they narrate of their childhoods or tell the stories of lost objects, of recent events or of a particular dreams that oddly became true. The universe described in those vivid images becomes the draft of each site-specific Scribblitti. The project naturally creates a circuit along.which, on a day agreed to by all the participants, the spaces are open for a unique opportunity for the public to visit the whole cluster by traveling through the different boroughs of the city.


More information coming soon!